by Johnny Massacre

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My mother Jane – you are my main inspiration, plus you let me convert your dining room into a nuclear bunker. My Dad Piers – I think you are the rock propping up our family tree. My brother Peter – without you none of this would exist. Jamie – you introduced me to rap music and London street life. You literally were my first friend. Thomas Triton – you, like Jamie, were an icon for me, and you gave me the anarchy. Luke Geoghegan, I grew up with you, and actually, words aren't fit to grace the bond we've shared over the years. Andre Vladareanu, you made me realise that I could have anything I wanted. We lived a life of rock stars without the money, fame or guitars, and feel lucky we got to live a life that most people think only existed in movies. Sho sho, thanks for showing me what love is. Thomas Zajdler, I want to say that you were like a brother to me growing up – the experiences we had on the dance floor were science-fiction turned fact. Sam Matthews – thanks for introducing me to Japan and some life-changing music. Will Crewdson, thanks for your patience and for working with me. You're the most talented musician I ever met, and you have a model work ethic. David Vega, even though I never met you in person, you have been a valuable friend, and I hope I get to meet you without a Spartan helmet on. Pevin, of all the people I know, you were the one who reached out to me when I was losing my grip. I won't forget that. Thanks to Russell Knowles for putting the artwork together for this project – you're a total pro who I have huge admiration for. Thanks to Huw, you have serious talent and I'm interested to see if we can make a hit together. I want to thank Nobuyoshi Obata AKA Captain Stag for being on the same wavelength and supporting me in Tokyo despite us not speaking each other's languages well at all. I want to thank Colin Steven for letting me have access to all my heroes when I was drum & bass' biggest fan. Of course I want to thank Weebl – I am forever indebted to you – without you I would probably have nearly nothing. Thanks also to Martin Stephens for introducing me to drum & bass. I want to thank Roland Hall for all your trust and the work you gave me – I don't feel I deserved it! I want to thank Anthony RJ Taylor for making my Tokyo experience fucking nuts and for being a model Canadian. I want to thank Jonny Shaw and Kaz Maezawa for giving me a window into a world I didn't know existed. Thanks to Terry Church for taking me to Ibiza for free where I could steal Sven Väth's beer from behind the DJ booth and stumble across 16 Ibiza pole dancers alone. I would also like to thank my Vulcanauts: Alex Liu, Samuel Alp, Dodi Simanowski, Austin Somers, Jesse Ter-Voert, Priscilla Adams, Mike Robinson, Matticus Rex, Alejandro Almeida Morera, Ayako Suge, John Ellis and Lili Wing, and the rest of you – you're intelligence constantly rewards me. I want to thank The Notorious B.I.G, Andy C, DJ Fresh, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, N.E.R.D (The Neptunes), Wu-Tang (especially RZA, ODB, GZA and Method Man), Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Claude VonStroke and The Prodigy for making music mythical. Thanks to all the people who do stuff for no reason other than that they want something good to happen … those people I met for five minutes then never saw again. Ultimately, I want to thank all those who want to destroy me – you can't – only I can destroy myself – you are my most valuable source of motivation and inspiration – you give me the power to chase my dreams without a second's thought.

I dedicate this album to Maria "Elvorith" Bushra who died just after Christmas 2010. "I am an extension of you ~ I revolt against me and rise up as us."


released October 31, 2012

Produced, written and mixed by Johnny Massacre
All guitars by Will Crewdson // Scant Regard
Additional vocals by Mart Coach, Siggas, Dre 10K and random sluts
Concept by Johnny Massacre
Photography by Pere Masramon (
Design by Russell Knowles

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Johnny Massacre Shibuya, Japan

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